The Sensations Of Gardening

I am a nature lover by heart, but I have never appreciated how sensational plants can be until I became a gardener. I used to think that gardening is all visual and all the other senses do not come into play.

Things began to change when I planted crops along with herbs, plus the added time that I have for taking care of my garden. I can officially say that I am having a love affair with my garden.


I love look0ing at my plants. The visual display of colors is mesmerizing, and seeing my crops grow is such a marvel. Peeking beneath the flowers to see tomatoes slowly develop is such a thrill, and observing wilted leaves of my jalapeño plump up after watering was spectacular.

Of path, it's heartbreaking to take in browning leaves of my rosemary and tomatoes because of drastic rise and fall of temperatures. It is also maddening when you realize that the roots of your tomato are swollen and engorged because of root knot nematodes.


The breeze is most welcome in my garden, and the rustling of the leaves in my garden is soothing and relaxing. It gives me comfort knowing that air is circulating in my garden, leaving little chance for pests and fungus to build up and develop.

It grinds my nerves whenever I touch my basil plant and get a raspy sound like I am touching paper. My basil is leathery because of, again, nematodes. My stomach sank to the ground when my pots crashed to the earth while Typhoon Glenda did her worst.


Nothing feels better than touching supple leaves and firm stems. For me, this sensation is like touching silk. I am also in a state of wonder when I feel coolness each time I hover my hands over my plants during a hot and humid day. It's exciting to feel the small hairy projections on my tomato fruits slowly disappear and leave behind a smooth outer skin - a sign that signifies that my tomatoes are at its peak size, and the ripening process will begin.

I feel despair whenever the leaves and stems of my plants are limp and alarmingly light because I miscalculated the days for watering. It is depressing when the stems of my tomatoes and basil become rough and hard, because I know that they will not produce any more.


I never thought that plants will have distinct, identifying scents of their own. Amazingly enough, I realized that whatever taste the fruits have, my plants will give me a sneak preview through their scent. I feel like I'm in a grocery store whenever I brush against my basil, and each time I pinch off suckers from my tomatoes. The one that gave me the most overwhelming scent was my jalapeño. The moment I pinched off the tops, I was assailed by the mouth watering scent of capsaicin. I am now constantly aware of that distinct, spicy scent ever since during each and every jalapeño inspection.

I am forever grateful that my garden is yet to give my nose an unpleasant surprise. I believe that my garden will not be unforgiving as long as it is clean and well maintained.


Oh my. I love to cook as much as I love to eat, and my garden combined with my in-law's has given us memorable meals. My meaty tomato sauce and creamy mushroom sauce come alive each time I add my basil and parsley, and I am spoiled by the sweet, tart, and juicy treats that my vine ripe cherry tomatoes give. We've had several delicious eggplant and okra dishes, and the chives unfailingly has given our dishes remarkable flavors. After being assailed by that capsaicin, I am now eagerly anticipating the time I get to harvest my jalapeños.

I never fully realized how gardening can be a treat to the senses on top of being so relaxing and rewarding. Maybe that's exactly the reason why gardening is loved by many - and feared by some. I am grateful that I am given the chance to take care of a small garden of my own that I can always turn to when things get overwhelming.

How about you? How did your garden become something you look forward to visiting every day?