Oregano vs Nematode

I am waging war against nematodes, and the best solution that I have unknowingly experienced is the Philippine oregano. With the flower boxes ignored for seveal years, the herb has made the soil unfit for nematode reproduction because it is resistant to the parasite like a rock.

The Philippine oregano grow like weeds in our area. Just stick it into the soil, drench it with water,  and it will grow like mad. And drenching the soil can also be a good thing for nematode control because the parasite cannot stand too much moisture

I got this branch from a neighbor in Pasig. I took out the lower leaves to give it room for roots. This is a shallow rooting plant, and belive it or not, it will start rooting on the soil surface even if it has 2 pairs of young top leaves. You will be helping out the plant by giving it enough stem surface for rooting. I discovered the shallow root system of the herb when I pulled out my 5-year-old plant. I expected a lot of resistance,  but it came out easily.

And considering the size of this pot, I will be needing all the roots that I can get.

So, let us keep thinking to ourselves, "patience is a virtue." I hope that this will be fruitful endeavor.