Food On Demand

Nothing is more satisfying visually than to see a garden flourishing with crops that will soon bring food at your table. The picture above shows a healthy and prolific bitter gourd (ampalaya in tagalog) overpowering the ornamentals that have been in the yard for a year. This crop is not mine, but planted by my in-law through her helper. If you look closely,  you will see just right off the center a moringa (malunggay) plant. If you walk through this jungle and jumble of plants,  you will be greeted by the most amazing fresh scent of bitter gourd.

My  in-law also planted eggplants, papaya, okra, calamansi, sweet potato, and chayote (sayote), transforming the house into such a veritable garden that people are now singing  "Bahay Kubo" every now and then while lusting over our crops. I plan to delight and torture them with a habanero soon enough.

In such tough times, growing your own crops will be  a highly rewarding task. Imagine just plucking your next meal just a few steps away. Not only that, your place will become welcoming, cooler, and delightful to be in. Start growing your crops now, and see how it will be for you.