My Jalapeño

flower box plotI have been intrigued by jalapeños when I watched this episode of the Guinness Book of World Records where a man ate as many of these peppers in a stipulated time. Second time I got interested in it was when I ate a spicy squid dish at my favorite Chinese restaurant Mr. Ho in Canada. This pepper, unfortunately, is not sold in the Philippines – in seed or produce. If there is one, I am not within the market circle because my best shopping haven is the humble SM Supermarket.

I was ecstatic when my mom sent me a packet of jalapeño pepper seeds from Canada. There are so many varieties of jalapeños, and they can be pretty overwhelming to try out which one if you do not know what you want. The variety that I got, however, is the mild one - the mucho nacho jalapeno. I now regret not having a good photo for the seed packet. I never thought that I would be blogging again after so long.

jalapeno plantI planted the jalapeño seeds on May 17, almost at the peak of summer here. I planted 3, but only one germinated. Reason: ants. I have no idea what breed these ants are, but they sure like pepper seeds. This one was very lucky to have germinated successfully.

4 months later, my jalapeño plant produced a lot of buds. Unfortunately, Typhoon Glenda and the following monsoon caused a massive flower drop. I should have had some peppers now, but the buds failed to mature. But once the monsoon was over, we had high temperatures of 32-34 degrees Celsius.

I will soon blog about how to take care of this amazing pepper. Right now, I am crossing my fingers that the monsoon will not do harm on my harvest.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Until Then!